Free speech under threat

Free speech under threat

Free speech should be respected all over the world. From Japan, I have kept writing what I’m thinking of freely.

When I go abroad, sometimes I am asked this question. “Are you Chinese?” Hmm, What does that mean? What does the questioner want to know? I am Japanese and almost all Japanese people respect freedom and democracy. Also, I learn and experience the culture of the country where I visit as if I love my home country.

I think probably some Chinese people have the same idea as me. But they can NEVER speak it freely because of CCP. It’s unbelievable, but it’s real. As a member of a democratic society, protecting freedom of speech is very important for me. Don’t you think so too?

In a developed nation, there are some people who have no bones about suppressing the freedom of speech, even though they say “Let’s value DIVERSITY!”. Does diversity mean ONLY the personalities such as gender, race, and LGBTQ? Why do they suppress ONLY the patriot’s speech in the USA? It’s a double standard! Diversity should be respected in each view about politics as well.

If someone makes a racist or violent statement on the Internet, we should clearly indicate those statements and criticize them only in that respect. It should be based on LOGIC, EVIDENCE, and LAW. We must not be swayed by media manipulation. Because the mainstream media doesn’t always tell us the truth. In this regard, Japan is in the same situation.

The other day, I canceled Amazon Prime and deleted my Facebook account. There is plenty of alternative online shopping, subscription services, and social media, so it’s perfectly okay to quit. But I can’t throw away Google and Apple easily now. I use Gmail and Google Map heavily and I have just bought a new iPhone and MacBook.

I think both my private life and work are dominated by Big Tech. Also, I feel scared as if I’m being monitored always by something huge and unknown. What I said goodbye to Amazon and Facebook is the first step in breaking away from GAFA addiction. Then, I’d like to redesign my life. For example, I’ll buy products made in Japan ASAP and support reliable makers and sellers.

I found this article, “Poland Urges U.S. to Regulate Big Tech, ‘Every Citizen Must Be Protected’ from Censorship“. There is a growing sense of crisis in Poland because of  “Poland’s own dark history of censorship under Communism“. On the other hand, many Japanese people probably think this threat is fire on the opposite shore. That is the crisis in Japan.

I think we all should seriously think of and fight for protecting freedom and democracy.






先日、私はAmazon Primeを解約し、自分のFacebookアカウントを削除しました。オンラインショッピング、サブスクリプションサービス、SNSは代替のものがたくさんあるので、辞めても全く問題はありません。しかし、私は今GoogleとAppleを簡単に手放すことは出来ません。GmailやGoogle Mapを多用していますし、iPhoneとMacBookを新しくしたばかりだからです。




民主主義の原則 – 言論の自由 Bureau of International Information Programs “Principles of Democracy”
・Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash



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