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Last month, the news that China has decided to ban the import of Taiwanese pineapples from March 1 became a hot topic.

According to the reference articles,

Taiwan, on average, produces about 420,000 tons of pineapples every year, with exports accounting for roughly 12 percent of the total output in 2019 and 10.8 percent in 2020, according to the Council of Agriculture (COA). In 2020, 97 percent of exported pineapples went to China, 2 percent went to Japan, and 1 percent went to Hong Kong.

Taiwan has been relying on China for its pineapple exports, so it needs to expand its sales channels outside of China.

The Mayor of Taoyuan City, Cheng Wen-Tsan posted in Japanese on his Twitter on February 26 and called for support in buying and eating Taiwanese pineapples.

His tweet was widely shared and spread. Then, it led to a growing movement to purchase Taiwanese pineapples in Japan.

According to the reference articles,

After China’s abruptly banned the import of Taiwan-grown pineapples, Taiwan has found a great market in Japan, which has already pre-ordered over 10,000 tons, shattering previous records.

I’ve bought a Taiwanese pineapple at SEIYU, a Japanese supermarket because of this news. This was my first time eating it.
Taiwanese pineapples can be eaten without removing the core. It’s very sweet and delicious. Highly recommended!

This is the tweet of the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Tsai Ing-wen. Taiwan has provided a lot of support to Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Japanese people are very grateful to Taiwan. Also, Taiwan is an important friend of Japan. I’d like to support Taiwan in any way I can when it’s in trouble.

When I was working for a publishing company, I created a travel guidebook for Taiwan for Japanese readers. Since then, I’ve been interested in Taiwanese culture and food, as well as the history between Japan and Taiwan. I’d like to learn about Taiwan more and visit someday.



このニュースを見て、私は西友で台湾産のパイナップルを買ってきました。初めて食べることが出来ました。台湾のパイナップルは芯を取らずに食べられます。とても甘くて美味しいですよ。 おすすめです!

台湾総統の蔡英文氏も日本語でツイートしていますが、 東日本大震災後、台湾は日本に多くの支援をしてくれました。日本人は台湾にとても感謝しています。また、台湾は日本の大切な友人でもあります。台湾が困っている時には、私もできる限りの支援をしたいと思っています。


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US, Japan, and Canada support Taiwan pineapples amid China ban
China’s ban on Taiwanese pineapples boosts sales in Japan



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